March Madness

In the spirit of college basketball, the Continuous Improvement Department hosted the 2nd annual Christie Clinic Idea March Madness competition throughout the month of March.  Teams across the clinic submitted their best ideas to be matched up against other teams.  …

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OB/GYN Receives Lighthouse Award

The Obstetrics & Gynecology Team received the Lighthouse Award for exhibiting tenacious ownership in working to achieve their goals as a team.  The Lighthouse Award is an accolade given to teams that are excelling in an area of Continuous Improvement, …

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Sleep Lab Wins Lighthouse Award

The Sleep Lab team received the Lighthouse Award for their initiative when it comes to problem solving their CPAP adherence levels.  The Lighthouse Award is an accolade given to teams that are excelling in an area of Continuous Improvement, while …

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What is Continuous Improvement?

In 2005, Christie Clinic began its journey into Continuous Improvement by applying “lean” principles to healthcare.  Lean methodology, first rooted in the Toyota Production System, works to eliminate wasteful steps in processes and ensure that every step adds value to the customer.  The result: the best quality product at the lowest price.  When applied to healthcare, lean becomes a transformative way to improve quality and safety outcomes for our patients while decreasing healthcare costs.

At Christie Clinic, we are achieving a culture of transformation a co-creative nature that aligns with the organizational “True North” of People, Quality, Growth, Efficiency and Value.  Our principle based Leadership System* focuses on engaging our front line team members with the autonomy to identify wasteful processes and experiment with ideas to address them.  Team member ideas are organized on departmental Huddle Boards that the teams gather around daily to discuss wins, losses, and new improvement ideas.  At Christie Clinic, we do not view improvement as one rapid event at a time, but as a daily rhythm in the everyday schedule of the Clinic. We are working towards achieving our organizational vision of “Creating a Healthy Community” by providing the best quality healthcare to our patients through the work of continuous improvement. When the improvement work we are doing at Christie Clinic is applied industry wide, the healthcare industry can see true reform.

*The Leadership System was designed by Mike Martyn and SISU consulting group.
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While all changes do not lead to improvement, all improvement requires change.

Results of Continuous Improvement

Since 2011, there have been over 40,405 team member implemented ideas clinic-wide and counting….

Results of Continuous Improvement

The Radiation Oncology team knows the meaning behind creating a “WOW” experience for their patients. Their first idea was to honor patients with a certificate upon the completion of their radiation treatment. They then decided to enhance this experience by rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the end of the patients’ treatment and this part of their journey to fight cancer. The patient is the star for the day, is greeted by the entire Radiation Oncology team and there are tears, smiles, high-fives and hugs to go around. The “why” of the Radiation Oncology department is evident: “When we become a part of your healthcare team, you become a part of our family.”

Results of Continuous Improvement

At Christie Clinic, we give our best effort to provide excellence in everything we undertake.  Through their daily huddles, lab team members identified that the enrichment broth they used on all routine cultures was actually susceptible to grow contaminants.  The lab discontinued the use of this broth which has saved $2,400 a year plus additional team member time.  Physicians now receive the probable source of infection without contamination to ensure the best practice and diagnosis for our patients. This small defect has added to the department’s savings of over $600,000 through continuous improvement initiatives!

Results of Continuous Improvement

When asked to be relocated, the Health Information Services team was challenged with designing a space that supported the flow of their work, minimized steps (process and people) and supported them with the achievement of their goals, they pulled in the CI team to support their problem solving efforts.  With the support of CI, they used cut outs (to scale) of their desks, furniture and equipment to design a space that has helped them yield several great results, including: -300% increase over their goal for scanning new physicians’ paper charts into the Electronic Medical Record -Increased their turnaround time of scanned documents within 24 hours to 88% -An achievement of 99.7% accuracy for scanned records

Team Members

Kristi Bilek
Continuous Improvement Facilitator

Brandi Pierce
Continuous Improvement Manager

Devin Roloff
Continuous Improvement Facilitator

Jordan Keyes
Continuous Improvement Facilitator

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