March Madness

In the spirit of college basketball, the Continuous Improvement Department hosted the 2nd annual Christie Clinic Idea March Madness competition throughout the month of March.  Teams across the clinic submitted their best ideas to be matched up against other teams.  Every day, there was an idea match-up where team members, clinic-wide, were able to electronically submit their votes for the idea they thought should move forward to the next round. Whatever team ended the day with the most votes advanced to the next round.  It was an entire month of intense idea match-ups and friendly competition, but it was the ‘Radiology Rockin’ Bones’ that came out undefeated to win the Championship Round!

Christie Clinic Radiology is a group of experienced team members, including board certified physicians and technologists, who perform X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed topography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), mammography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and bone density testing (DEXA), using state-of-the-art equipment to provide high quality, high speed images.  Together, the Radiology team has 424 years of service at Christie Clinic, and they’ve accomplished great things as a team and for Christie Clinic as a whole.

Radiology’s submission for March Madness was for the ideas implemented in regards to mammography room utilization.  After consistently noticing several open appointment slots for mammography services, the team set a goal of 90% room utilization and set out to generate ideas around how to reach more patients and bring them in for care.  Several ideas were implemented including:

  • Reaching out to other departments within Christie Clinic, who have high female patient volumes, to market same day screening mammography appointments
  • Designed and printed brochures for exam rooms in other departments throughout the clinic
  • Began mailing out “Happy Birthday” letters to women over 40 with a free mammogram for themselves and a friend as well as a tote bag and water bottle
  • Created pins to wear reminding patients to inquire about the Christie Clinic MyCare Portal as a place to receive electronic results and education

In March, the team was able to reach out to 1,200 patients via the MyCare Portal or by letter and saw a 3.3% growth in patient visits in the first month.  They expect to see these numbers increase as they fine tune their new processes.

How will they spend the $500 prize for winning the March Madness competition? They plan to use it on education opportunities for their team. Continuous Improvement would like to say congratulations to the Radiology “Rockin’ Bones” for winning Idea March Madness and for all the success they have achieved! Way to go!